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SARA club Zoom meeting June 3. Presentation on NVIS, Direction Finding, Balloon Satellites and underground communication 
given by Stephen Hamilton, KJ5HY, a Cyber Officer in the US Army. VIDEO  6/3/21  

More SARA Video's

Steve, N1CM will notify members and friends for the next scheduled SARA Zoom meeting.
You do not need to join or be a member of Zoom.  Contact Steve.
Steve will send you a meeting ID and password.

If you have not received a invite and would like to  join e-mail  Steve, N1CM. 

As a reminder, there will be no meetings for July and August. There may be a social picnic in August.
The Board is still working on this.
Steve, N1CM

Stamford Amateur Radio Association ,Goggle Groups.
e Groups 
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Google Groups is a service from Google that provides discussion groups for people sharing common interests. 

Sunday Night Net

SARA- Stamford CT. Sunday night net on 2 meters.
146.655 MHz PL 100.7:30 PM. Check ins at 7:30.

Johnny, W1DiN will host the SARA net.

Thanks for your continuing support and 73's. W1EE

 W1EE 2 Meter Echolink Repeater

Mid-Stamford (on Newfield just south of the Merritt Parkway) with a PL of 114.8.
Stamford down town repeater with a PL of 100. W1EE, 146.655 offset - 600KHz

Stamford DMR W1EE, 447.125MHz  offset -5MHz, Color Code 2

DMR system is operational. Both 2 meter repeaters working normally.


Echolink 2 Meter repeater is now activated and in service W1EE-R. Active 24/7

Echolink software that runs on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phones.
Download from your app or Play Store.

2 Meter W1EE EchoLink Status.    W1EE, 2 Meter & DMR  (Listen here)

The entire voting on the change to our By-Laws.
  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors June 17, 2021
  SARA June Meeting of the
Board Meeting of Directors.

  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors April 15, 2021
  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors
February 18, 2021
  SARA Annual Meeting
Election Results  January 7, 2021

SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors  December 17, 2020
  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors  November 19, 2020

  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors October 17, 2020  
  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors September 17,2020 
  SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors
August 20,2020

2021 Board of Directors

  Steve Urso, N1CM, President
  Jon Shapiro,W1DYN,Vice President
  Terry Martin,K1Fi, Treasurer
  Terry Papazidis, WA1JBO, Secretary
  John Sabini, WB1GRB, Webmaster
  Fred Cunningham, K1FC, Program Director
  Chester Piorkowski, N1CHD, Director at Large

[CTSARA] Remaining gear available. Join our mailing list or Contact Terry Martin.    
    J/S WB1GRB  6/30/2021


                                                         SARA Field Day 2021    Johnny,KB1Hi  (L)        Stan, WA2NRV  (R)