J/S  WB1GRB  2/21/2020

EZPOLE Flagpoles
21' Liberty

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                     146.655    W1EE-R










Next SARA MEETING. March 5, 2020.
Presentation on antenna tuners for the club's March meeting, and it will be a good one, based on my experience testing all of Gus's antenna tuners.
73, Terry, K1Fi

Meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of each month at 8 pm. They normally run about 90 minutes, and consist of announcements, one or two presentations and snacks. Meetings take place in room 6-10C in the Stamford Government Center.

March program to be announced. Join our Mailing List.

February Program As VP of SARA, Stamford Amateur Radio Association (W1EE), I discuss the present materials on the FT991A transceiver at our February 6, 2020 meeting I also have a personal interest in acquiring one later in the year. I see it as a good choice for my apartment with an MFJ 1622 "apartment" balcony mount vertical antenna. Jonathan S. Shapiro AB1HI.
John Webmaster (WB1GRB) give a short presentation on the 21' Liberty EZPOLE Telescoping Flagpole. Which also servers as a support for my dipole antenna. (Photo bottom of page.)  YouTube Video February Program.

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SARA Officers For 2020

 Steve Urso, N1CM, President
Jon Shapiro, AB1HI, Vice President
Terry Martin, K1FI, Treasurer
Terry Papazidis, WA1JBO, Secretary
John Sabini, WB1GRB, Webmaster
Fred Cunningham, K1FC, Program Director
Chester Piorkowski, N1CHD, Director at Large







Membership Renewal for 2020

We look forward to your membership renewal and participation in the coming year. Membership is open to all licensed hams. Dues is $25 for the year, which includes membership for you and your immediate family. You can register for membership online using pay via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do so. The new website's membership page gets you 90% of the way there. Fill out the form, and once this is done and submitted, click the PayPal link to pay using PayPal Friends & Family.

Use stamfordamateurradio@gmail.com as the payment destination, make a note in the payment of your name and call so that we can credit you properly. If you want you can bring payment to the April meeting. Steve Urso, N1CM-President.  
Our end of year annual report is available. Please renew your memberships.





      W1EE Repeater Morning  Net


  We are starting a morning net from 9:00 am - 10:00 am Monday thru Friday.

  I will be monitoring most of the morning. (WB1GRB.) Tom (KD7DAW) PORT ST LUCIE Florida will also be monitoring. Please come and join us.

  Mid-Stamford (on Newfield just south of the Merritt Parkway) with a PL of 114.8.
  Stamford down town repeater with a PL of 100. W1EE, 146.655 offset - 600KHz
  Echolink is now activated and in service W1EE-R. Active 24/7
  Repeater donations. Mailing: doc File - PDF File You can also use PayPal. Using Friends & Family.

  Echolink software that runs on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phones. Download from your app or Play Store.






      MARCH Photos of the month collection. 1/25/2020
     Exam Date New schedule for 2020. Join our Mailing list for schedule updates.
     SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors January 16, 2020
     SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors November 21, 2019
     SARA Meeting of the Board of Directors October 17, 2019
     [CTSARA] Remaining gear available. Join our mailing list! Or Contact Terry Martin.





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