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Next SARA Meeting Febuary 5

Video 1 
Thursday January 3, 2019 Time 8:00 pm. Stamford Government Center. Fred, K1FC and Bill Baker, former president of Channel Thirteen gave a presentation on the RFinder M1. which is the most advanced DMR Transceiver combined with an embedded powerful smartphone. Bob, W2CYK the creator of the RFinder M.1. will be on Skype, at our presentation.

New SARA officers for the year 2019.

Steve Urso, KB1YLQ, President and Trustee
Jon Shapiro, AB1HI, Vice-President
Terry Martin, W1TSM, Treasurer
Terry Papazidis, WA1JBO, Secretary
Fred Cunningham, K1FC, Program Coordinator
John Sabini, WB1GRB, Webmaster
Ernest Laug, KA1NGG, Director at Large
Chester Piorkowski, N1CHD, Director at Large.

New Exam Dates 2019

*  We need someone to volunteer for net every Sunday.
    SARA Net will be officially on Hold. Contact Steve

*  Meeting of the Board of Directors
    December 20, 2018