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Getting Licensed

Radio amateurs must be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Licensing exams in the US are conducted by Volunteer Examiners (VEs).

Exam Dates

SARA conducts amateur radio licensing exams three times a year. Our remaining dates for 2018 are:

Saturday, October 13

Exams take place in the cafeteria on the 4th floor of the Stamford Government Center. Directions are here. Pre-registration is not required, but is appreciated. To pre-register, call or email our exam coordinator, Ernest Laug. His contact info can be found here.

Plan to arrive by 9:30am in order to complete the required paperwork. Exams start at 10am and finish up by noon.

Our test fee is $15, payable by check (preferred) or cash. We do not accept credit cards.

Click here for a list of what to bring (and what not to bring) on exam day.

Hams who are upgrading to a higher class of license will need to bring a printed copy of their current license. Here's how to obtain yours, and here's a Youtube video to help you register for an FCC online account.

Study Material

The best way to start is to buy a copy of the appropriate ARRL license manual. These also available faster and cheaper at Amazon:

You should also obtain a copy of the question pools for the license classes for which you plan to test. These are complete lists of questions that you will encounter during the licensing test. If you study the license manual and/or memorize the question pool, you are very likely to pass the test.

Hint: if you plan on taking the Technician license test, study for the General test as well, even if it's just reading the question pool. If you pass the Technician test, you can take the General test for free that same day. Likewise, if you plan on taking the General test, take a look at the Extra class study materials as well.