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2017 Annual Report and 2018 Dues Notice

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From the President, Steve Urso, KB1YLQ: As the year comes to an end, we look forward to what awaits us in 2018. In this age of electronic and social media, hard copy has become a thing of the past. How many of you still use paper logs? That being said, having been elected president, I am struggling with ways to include the scope and feel of our meetings and information in the new electronic format. I actively solicit ideas from you, the membership, as to how to improve our external club communications.

The Year in Review

We had a busy 2017. We should all be proud of the SARA membership for their participation and support. Highlights of the year include:

The new year dawns and mother nature gets even. The annual meeting in January had to be cancelled due to a blizzard, which delayed the vote for the new officers of SARA. We were able to invoke the bylaw provisions to hold the vote via electronic means which is something we have never done. It required some effort to set up but worked like a charm. The officers elected by the membership were Steve Urso, president; Terry Martin, vice president; Andy Siegel, secretary; Ernest Laug, treasurer; Fred Cunningham, programs; John Sabini, website, and Terry Papazidis, director-at-large. In addition, Chester Piorkowski was voted in as an additional director-at-large by the new board at its January meeting. We look forward to your membership and participation in the coming year, and hope to have programs of varying interests at our regular monthly meetings. We stand ready to "Elmer" members in putting up antennas, equipment selection and operating procedures to getting on the air and reaching out near and far.

Membership is open to all licensed hams. Dues are $25 for the year which includes membership for you and your immediate family. Dues are $10 for matriculated students and hams that live outside a 50 mile radius of Stamford. Your dues money supports: costs associated with our website, business registration and taxes, mailing list, insurance, operation of 3 repeater radios at two sites plus their care and maintenance, and Field Day operation which includes equipment, supplies, and meals. Many members include a tax-deductible donation along with their required dues, and that is always appreciated.

You can register for membership online using Paypal at The new website's membership page is not quite as streamlined as last year's, but it gets you 90% of the way there. Fill out the form, and once this is done and submitted, click the Paypal link to pay using Paypal Friends & Family. Use as the payment destination, and make a note in the payment of your name and call so that we can credit you properly.